Pet Portraits - Make an art piece for your fluffy friend

Hi, everyone, my name is Winnie Wen, I’m a self taught embroidery artist, and I have been stitching every single day for the past 2 year 😊 

For the last few months, I have made quite a lot of pet portraits. I used to have 6 cats ( only 2 now), so I love making pet portraits, especially funny pictures of pets, love capturing their emotions. I usually spend a lot of time stitching the eyes. And I keep checking on my cats 😂 to study their hair-growth directions, their color details, to use multi-layers of stitches to creat a fur-like texture.   Here I will show you some of the reference pictures along with the embroidery pieces.  

If you would like to commission me to make your pet a portrait, please send me a message on the website, or DM Instagram @miu_embroidery  ☺️ 💕 

Custom made pet portrait embroidery

Sometimes I receive very dark reference pictures, I normally will make the embroidery piece with a lighter tone.

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