Landscape Embroidery - Basic Q & A

Landscape is always fun to make, and it’s definitely my favorite. 

Most of you might found me via my landscape embroidery YouTube videos 😆 I received quite a lot of comments asking the same questions, I thought I could list some of the common question here. And between each Q & A, some pictures of my landscape embroidery 😊 

Landscape embroidery - forest by Miuembroidery

Q: What kind of thread do you use?

A: I use DMC no. 25, it’s 6 strands floss for hand embroidery with almost 500 colors, you can find in most counties. And all of my patterns are with DMC color chart.  

Q: How many strands do you use?

A: For landscape embroidery I normally use 1 strands. That means I separate the floss, and take out only 1 strand of the 6 strands to stitch. But if you find that too much time consuming, you can use 2 strands instead. 

Q: How do you transfer a picture into a pattern? 

A: If you watched a few of my landscape videos, you will find out I don’t even draw a pattern, I normally just draw a few guild lines, and do the rest free-hand. But if I want to have a pattern, there are few ways: print out a picture then trace with carbon paper. Print out a picture and put on a light box to trace. Use software like photoshop to trace the outline then print out. 

Q: How do you choose which color to use?

A: By feeling 😂 I really don’t know how to reply this. So far I’ve been choosing all the colors by feeling. For DMC colors, they have a few similar colors in sequence, like 601,602,603,604,605 is from hot pink to light pink, If you are not sure which color to pick, you can just use them all to make a nice shading. 

Q: What fabric do you use?

A: I like to use thin canvas, it’s the fabric usually use for making cushion  covers, it’s thicker than cotton or Ilene, so easier to keep it flat even with lots of stitches on it. 

Daisy field landscape embroidery by Miuembroidery

Q: Do you sell your landscape embroidery?

A: I didn’t list any before. But I’m running out of storage space, so I’m starting to list some of my work here on the website. The price is very emotional,  depends on my mood, ( mostly depends on the size and hrs of work). A few of them I have made into PDF file for pattern and guide. So if you want to challenge yourself, you can always try the pattern. 😊  Although you might hate me when you see the color chart with 40 colors 😂 

That’s all I can think of for the moment. If you have other questions, can ask me here or send a comment on youtube channel Miu Embroidery,  Instagram @miu_embroidery   Love



  • The Daisy PDF is available, please check in the PDF collection

  • Love these, how much , and where are you from

  • Can I get the PDF for the pieces shown?


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